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2024 Wheelchair Rugby Nationals Results

May 30, 2024Wheelchair Rugby Canada (WRC) and Wheelchair Sports Alberta (WSA) are honoured to announce the successful completion of the 2024 Wheelchair Rugby National Championship.

Wheelchair Rugby Canada (WRC) and Wheelchair Sports Alberta (WSA) are honoured to announce the successful completion of the 2024 Wheelchair Rugby National ChampionshipThe event held from May 17th-19th at the MNP Community & Sports Centre, in Calgary, AB, showcased the exceptional determination, and sportsmanship of athletes from across the nation. This year’s Nationals not only celebrated competitive excellence but also highlighted the spirit of inclusivity and community within the sport. 

In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, team Saskatoba clinched gold in Division 2 with a nail-biting victory that had spectators on the edge of their seats. The team comprised of:   Braden Pettinger, Josh Penn, Cory Harrower, Britt Mayer, Drew Steninger, Brad Hebert, Arin Smith, Reese Ketler, John Burzick, Dan Fletcher, and Jared Funk, delivered outstanding performances throughout the tournament, culminating in their well-deserved and hard-fought win.  

In Division 1, the Ontario Lightning claimed the top honour by defeating the Ontario Thunder in a fiercely contested match. The Lightning team consisting of: Matt Debly, Shayne Smith, Travis Murao, Ben Perkins, Patrice Dagenais, Peter Langenecker, and Harold Friese, demonstrated exceptional prowess and coordination, ultimately securing gold with their impressive performance. 

The 2024 Award Winners include: 

  • D1 MVP – Matt Debly, ON Lightning 
  • D2 MVP – Reese Ketler, Saskatoba 
  • Judy Zelman Rookie of the Year-Sponsored by 49 Bespoke – Brooke Perepeluk, BC 2 
  • Rising Star Most Improved, Division 2 – presented by Resolution Fitness – Tiana Hesmert, BC 2 

While many veteran athletes attended Nationals, the 2024 Wheelchair Rugby Nationals was the first for Judy Zelman Rookie of the Year Winner Brooke Perepuluk. 

“Reflecting over Attending my first Wheelchair Rugby Nationals was an unreal experience I will never forget,” states Brooke Perepuluk. The atmosphere was filled with smiles and friendly faces, which made it easy to build comradery as a new player. WRC Nationals will be a tournament that I will look forward to annually. 

Winning Rookie of the Year was surreal. I give all the credit to everyone on Team British Columbia, my teammates, coaches, and staff, who have helped me tremendously in my development. They’ve all taught me to have a better understanding of the game. I am excited that it is only the beginning of my wheelchair rugby career; I look forward to expanding my knowledge and physical abilities in the sport.” 

Wheelchair Rugby Canada would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and supporters that help make 2024 Nationals an unforgettable event. This year’s Nationals not only highlighted the competitive spirit of the sport but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity among participants and fans alike. 

 About National Championships 

National Championships have served as the nation’s premier wheelchair rugby competition for more than 30 years. The event provides a meaningful wheelchair rugby competition experience for host cities and participating teams, with over 250 participating athletes, support staff, officials, classifiers, and volunteers. This years competition took place at the MNP Community & Sport Centre in Calgary, Alberta. 

 About Wheelchair Rugby Canada    

Wheelchair Rugby Canada is the national governing body for the Canadian Heritage Sport of wheelchair rugby. Wheelchair Rugby Canada strives to be a world leader in wheelchair rugby, a respected advocate for wheelchair athletes and a visionary organization committed to excellence in programs from recruitment to retirement.    

About Wheelchair Sports Alberta 

Wheelchair Sports Alberta (WSA) is a registered charitable non-profit association responsible for the development ad delivery of provincial level sports programs and services throughout Alberta. Specific sports that fall under the WSA umbrella include wheelchair basketball, para athletics, wheelchair rugby, para ice hockey, and wheelchair tennis. 

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