Our Staff consists of some of the best and ambitious individuals in the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. Our team is always striving to promote the sports to communities around the world!

  • Paul Hunter

    Paul Hunter

  • Patrick Côté

    Patrick Côté

    Head Coach
  • Melissa Lacroix

    Melissa Lacroix

    Physiologist & Lead IST
  • Sommer Christie

    Sommer Christie

    Mental Performance Consultant
  • Megan Ritcey

    Megan Ritcey

    Community Programs & Events Manager
  • Kevin Caswell

    Kevin Caswell

    Communications and Digital Media Intern
  • Ally Govier

    Ally Govier

    Manager of Health and Wellness
  • Dr. Andrew Marshall

    Dr. Andrew Marshall

    Team Doctor
  • Thomas Nicholls

    Thomas Nicholls

  • Simone Stella

    Simone Stella

  • Matt Jensen

    Matt Jensen

    Performance Analyst
  • Fran Quintana

    Fran Quintana

    Team Manager
  • Garett Hickling

    Garett Hickling

    National Team Athletes Pool Ontario Hub Coach
  • Tim Witoski

    Tim Witoski

    Equipment Manager
  • Dave Caldwell

    Dave Caldwell

    Equipment Manager
  • Éric Trottier

    Éric Trottier

    Equipment Manager
  • Christine Robertson

    Christine Robertson

    Finance Officer
  • Kevin Bowie

    Kevin Bowie

    Lead Official
  • Paul Easton

    Paul Easton

    Lead Classifier